Product overview: Hard Cheeses

Hard Cheeses from Italy

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP organic

We proudly feature an excellent range of Parmigiano Reggiano from the family-run Casearia di Sant'Anna (near Bologna), which produces its milk and cheese according to organic methods. Cows forage free-range in a large grassland area, enabling them to produce excellent quality milk. Sant'Anna's cheeses have an old-fashioned flavor, and are available in various maturations:

- 18 months, Red seal - balanced and mild flavor with scents of milk and fresh fruit
- 22 months, Silver seal - crumbly and grainy with a balance of mildness and taste
- 30 months, Gold seal - richest in nutrition, particularly crumbly, grainy. Strong flavor with spicy and nutty notes.

The distinctive hard, pale-golden rind; the crumbly, straw-colored cheese; the rich, sharp flavor - Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese of today is identitical to that of eight centuries ago, having the same appearance, extraordinary fragrance and traditional production methods - made in the same way, in the same places, with the same rituals. Distinct regional factors include local soil mineral content, special breeding practices, and a unique milk that can withstand very slow maturation and which enriches every cheese with its inimitable flavors.

All DOP Parmigiano Reggiano cheeses are made solely with milk, rennet (enzymes from young calves), heat and rigorous centuries-old techniques.

For more background, please visit the Parmigiano Reggiano consortium, which has an inspiring selection of recipes.

Grana Padano DOP

The name of this popular Italian hard cheese comes its distinctively grainy texture and the valley Pianura Padana, where it was originally produced in the 12th century by Cistercian monks.

Like Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano is cooked and ripened slowly - for up to 18 months - using the partially creamed milk of grass-fed cows. Compared to Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano is less crumbly, milder and less sharp in flavor.

Alpine Hard Cheeses from Austria

Aromatic, full-flavored alpine cheeses made of milk from cows exclusively grazing on alpine meadows above 1200 meters. As alpine grasses are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, these cheeses are healthier than lowland cheeses. We offer a range of semi-hard and hard alpine cheeses from the Austrian Bregenzerwald.