Natural syrups

Our choice of a wonderfully rich flavors of the nature, purely from quality Bourbon vanilla, exciting flowers, rare fruits, and aromatic peppers.

Ideas for use:
- with fruit salad, ice cream; as a dessert topping
- mixed with mineral water
- as wok cooking sauce with meat and vegetables

Popping candy sugar - rediscover the joys of childhood!

Remember your childhood when the little naughty neighbor kid put this special treasure in your hands? The secret to popping sugar is that when it encounters moisture, e.g. in the mouth, it bubbles and produces small explosions, creating a "pop!" sound. An excellent surprise in ice cream, foam, cremes or even baked goods. Exciting strawberry flavored and lucsious chocolate coated available now!

Naturally Flavored Sugars

Crystal sugars naturally flavored with the purest ingredients. Discover essential flavors for use in and on pastries, fruit salads, desserts, raw fruit, plain yoghurt, or in cappuccino or hot chocolate.

All natural sugar flavors: vanilla, bergamont citrus, cinnamon, lavender, coconut, and violet.