Frozen Mushrooms

Product overview: Truffles and mushrooms


Boletus edulis

Large, meaty mushroom with light to dark brown caps, 8-12 cm in diameter.

Origin: Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, the Balkans
Season: March to December
Type: Wild

Morels / Kucsmagomba

Morchella conica

Golden green, tube-like mushroom, with honeycomb-like conical caps. Hollow, light brown, sturdy stalk. Highly aromatic. Black morels have the most delicate flavor.

Origin: Turkey, Bulgaria, Canada, USA
Season: Spring
Type: Wild


Cantharellus cibarius

Found mainly in deciduous forests. Many species, can have an orange, white, brown, gray or almost black color.

Origin: Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, USA, Canada
Season: March to November
Type: Wild

Early Morel / Cseh kucsmagomba

Ptychoverpa bohemica

Pale yellow or brown thimble-shaped wrinkeled cap attached to lighter-colored stem. Edible in small amounts, parboiling recommended.

Origin: North America, Europe
Season: Spring
Type: Wild

Grey agaric / Fenyőpereszke

Tricholoma terreum

Grey capped with whitish stipe and flesh. Mild taste.

Habitat: Coniferous forests
Season: August to October
Type: Wild


Hydnum repandum

Small, white mushrooms found on forest floors, usually after persistent search. Popular among collectors. Instead of tubes, or pores, the hedgehog mushroom has small spikes, from which it gets its name.

Origin: USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain, Croatia
Season: Autumn
Type: Wild